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BTN is racist government machinery

March 27, 2008

While government openly practicing racist policy against citizen, there’s a government machinery which  inculcate racism into Malaysian young people. It is called Biro Tata Negara (Nationalism Bureau). I’ve got this from a comment of a person posted in:

I’ve grabbed his statement and post it below. I’ll translate the content of the camp:

1.Malay will built their own country without non-Malay

2. Non-Malay owe Malay because non-Malay is given citizenship.

3. Non-Malay pay tax and the money collected will be used for public sector and government which has 90% Malay.

4. …………………

written by Loong, March 26, 2008 | 23:00:24

I know how fucked up this BTN brainwash campaign is. I am an oversea student and the BN govt made me attend this stupid BTN camp before going overseas. Among the content of the BTN camp (It’s true, I swear. It s written black and white on the manual):
1.Melayu nak membentuk kerajaan sendiri tanpa bantuan orang bukan Melayu.
2.Orang bukan Melayu terhutang budi kepada Melayu kerana Melayu beri kerakyatan kepada bukan Melayu. Hello, kita bayar cukai jugak tau, Mr.
3.Kerajaan mengenakan cukai ke atas orang bukan Melayu dan hasil cukai itu digunakan untuk membangunkan sektor awam dan kerajaan yang terdiri daripada 90% orang Melayu.
4.Punca keganasan dalam negara – mendengar ceramah Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang and the list goes on….

It is frightening to know that every civil servant and oversea student will have to go through this BTN module and get brainwashed by the BN government. BTN is no good. From my personal experience, it makes some of my Malay friends feel that it is their right to do whatever they want with the land and some of my non-Malay friends are thinking of migrating and not coming back to Malaysia anymore. Even one of my relative’s friend in MCA told me to get out of the country once I have the chance and never return to Malaysia again….


Khairy Jamaluddin is racist Malaysian

March 26, 2008

This is history of racist Malaysian. Part of the reason why BN lose a lot of seat in PRU-12 is because of this guy. What he uttered angered a lot of non-Malay people in Malaysia. Below is newspaper article extracted from Utusan Malaysia Online (government propaganda newspaper). But this guy will be history soon with his father-in-law.

I will quote the racist statement here. The racist statement is bolded below and I’ll translate here:

In Malay language : seorang tauke Cina yang kaya-raya turut membuat tawaran menarik yang sekali lagi saya tolak kerana mahu saham saya dibeli oleh syarikat bumiputera sahaja

Which means:

In English : a rich Chinese boss give me an offer to buy my share at good price but I refused (eventhough I will lose money) because I want to sell it to Malay only.

KUANTAN 13 Ogos – Naib Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin menjelaskan, beliau dengan rela hati menjual 10.2 juta sahamnya dalam ECM Libra Avenue Bhd., untuk memberi tumpuan seratus peratus kepada politik dan tidak mahu syarikat dan pemegang saham lain terjejas berikutan kontroversi yang melandanya.

Beliau berkata, walaupun menanggung kerugian hampir RM200,000 namun beliau berbangga kerana menjual saham berkenaan kepada sebuah syarikat yang terlibat dalam industri kewangan yang dikuasai usahawan Melayu.

Menurut Khairy, proses penjualan saham miliknya dalam ECM Libra Avenue Bhd., telah lama difikirkan dan beliau pernah menerima tawaran lebih tinggi tetapi terpaksa ditolak kerana mahu memastikan saham itu hanya dibeli oleh bumiputera yang tiada kaitan dengan kerajaan, di samping tidak berlaku ketirisan.

“Saya nak pastikan tiada ketirisan berlaku di mana saham yang dipegang oleh orang Melayu itu seelok-eloknya pergi kepada syarikat yang dikuasai orang Melayu,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan persidangan perwakilan Pergerakan Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri UMNO Bahagian Paya Besar, di sini hari ini.

Khairy mengulas keputusannya menjual semua sahamnya berjumlah 10.2 juta yang mewakili 1.23 peratus kepentingan dalam ECM Libra, sebuah syarikat pelaburan dan broker saham, semalam.

Beliau menjual bahagiannya pada harga 65 sen sesaham kepada Hikkaya Jaya Sdn. Bhd., sebuah anak syarikat AmcorpGroup Bhd. setelah membelinya pada harga 71 sen sesaham pada Disember tahun lepas.

Khairy berkata, antara yang pernah menawarkan untuk membeli saham pada kadar lebih tinggi ialah sebuah syarikat milik kerajaan tetapi ditolak kerana tidak mahu dirinya dilihat menerima bail out kerajaan.

‘‘Selain itu, ada syarikat antarabangsa yang hendak beli tetapi saya tolak kerana itu adalah ketirisan dan ada juga seorang tauke Cina yang kaya-raya turut membuat tawaran menarik yang sekali lagi saya tolak kerana mahu saham saya dibeli oleh syarikat bumiputera sahaja,” katanya.

Concern over fate of Malays in Perak

March 24, 2008

Below is copied from regarding Malay NGO wanting more Malay as Perak executive councillor (EXCO). What the ****? Already the highest government officer (Menteri Besar) is a Malay. And now they want more Malay in EXCO? This people are the reason why there’s unrest and instability due to racism in Malaysia. Summary : Malay Perak NGO is very racist!

IPOH: Some 20 Perak Malay non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have voiced concern over the fate of Malays under the new DAP-PKR-PAS government in the state. 

The group, which held a special meeting at Tambun Heights here yesterday, will submit a memorandum to the Sultan of Perak. 

Among those who attended the meeting were leaders of the Perak Malay Teachers Association, Perak Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS), Perak Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim), Perak Association of Muslim Students, Perak 4B Youth movement, Perak Council of Former Barisan Elected Representatives (Mubarak), Perak Malay Traders Association and Perak Wanita NGO. 

Nonee Ashirin Mohd Radzi, who chaired the meeting, said they could not accept the six-three-one formula to be used in the make-up of the state executive council. 

Nonee Ashirin, who is one of the founder members of Perak Pertubuhan Profesional dan Pewaris Bangsa (Prowaris), said the formula did not reflect the composition of the state population with the Malays being the majority. 

The formula agreed upon by the new state government would see the DAP taking up six exco posts, PKR three and PAS one. 

“There should be more Malays in the exco line-up,” Nonee Ashirin said, adding that the exco should instead have six Malays and four non-Malays, like the representation under the Barisan Nasional rule. 

She said the NGOs also rejected the creation of two Deputy Mentri Besar posts because they were not provided for in the state Constitution. 

“The two positions are there just to fulfil the DAP’s political interests,” she added. 

First post about racist Malaysian

March 24, 2008

We’re known worldwide as harmonious people living in multiracial society working towards the betterment of Malaysia. However, that is wrong impression given to tourist worldwide. In fact, Malaysian are racist lot. All the post in this blog will now serve as a historical data as how Malaysian is actually very racist in nature due to government policies and due to political arena inherited from colonial era.