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Deputy Speaker spew out racist statement uncontrollably

March 22, 2010

The title is not a joke. That’s how Malaysian being raised. We are now unable to control ourselves when spewing out racist statement. This is how far racism has bred in Malaysia:

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — Along with some serious commotion in Parliament last Wednesday, some lawmakers and a deputy speaker were caught in an exchange of racist remarks.

According to the Hansard, made available on the Parliament website, Pasir Salak MP Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman had allegedly said that Malays were jungle dwellers before the implementation of New Economic Policy (NEP).

In another exchange, Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Abdul Rahman was also recorded as asking Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan to return to the plantations — a remark seen as a racial slur in the country.

The exchanges took place when the Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was debating the royal address.

Tajuddin stopped Anwar’s speech to question the latter’s stand on the pro-Malay economic policy and to explain that it has successfully changed the living conditions of Malays.

“This is the reality of today. Malays no longer live in the jungle, no longer live on the trees,” said Tajuddin.

At this point Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming took the opportunity to criticise Umno for exaggerating the plight of the Malays.

“Who is saying the Malays used to live in the jungle? Umno,” said Nga before he was asked to sit down by Wan Junaidi.

Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan then tried to intervene but his microphone was not switched on.

“Honourable Member from Padang Serai, if you want to go back to the estate, go now,” said Wan Junaidi.

Gobalakrishnan had dismissed Tajudin’s argument about the Malay community’s economic conditions before the NEP.

“No Malays lived in the jungle,” said Gobalakrishnan.

When contacted, Wan Junaidi confirmed that he made the remarks but said he did not mean to offend any party.

“It is the same as asking the Malays to ‘balik kampung’,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Wan Junaidi added that his statement should not be taken out of context and must be read together with the verbal exchange.

Meanwhile Gobalakrishnan told The Malaysian Insider last night that it was really disheartening if the deputy speaker had indeed made the remarks in the House.

He admitted he did not hear what Wan Junaidi had told him but said he would check the Hansard on Monday before deciding on the next course of action.

“I have to first check the Hansard this Monday and will request for the remark to be expunged if it is true that the deputy speaker had said it,” said the first-term lawmaker.


MPM claims Malays are marginalised. But the other way round happened.

March 17, 2010

I’m glad he realised that people think MPM is racist.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 — The Malay Consultative Council (MPM) claims that Malays and Bumiputras, who form the majority group in the country, are being marginalised and amendments need to be made to the New Economic Model (NEM) to remedy that.

Speaking to reporters outside of Parliament today, Datuk Ibrahim Ali (picture), who is the founder and steering committee member of MPM, said these amendments have been sent to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak earlier today.

He stated that MPM wanted to make sure that NEM was balanced and that there were “no more polemics” surrounding its introduction.

“I want to clarify something… people are thinking that MPM is racist, it’s not true. We are focusing on the distribution of the country’s wealth, based on social justice.

“MPM’s proposal is that NEM follows the UN Social Economic Charter for marginalised people,” said Ibrahim.

According to the politician, 77 per cent of the country’s population is made up of Malays and Bumiputras while 33 percent are non-Malays, which made Malays and Bumiputras the majority race in the country.

“Any country where the majority is marginalised, they should be given priority… with continual affirmative action.

“The UN charter states that the majority group is the national agenda… this is indeed the issue of national agenda, because this is the majority population.”

He added that contrary to preconceived notions, Malays have not “received much anyway, these are all misperceptions.”

March 9, 2010

Malaysia Second Finance Minister also said racist stuff. How to expect Malaysian to be united?


DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang expressed yesterday that Husni, whom he had perceived to be rational and reasonable, was reported to have said: “Kalau orang Cina di Pulau Pinang buli kita, kita lawan balik orang Cina (If Penang Chinese bully us, we fight back the Chinese)” at Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce dinner last Friday.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 — Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah reaffirmed the 1 Malaysia concept and spoke about unity today while ignoring opposition claims that he uttered “racially-laden” remarks in Penang last week.

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang expressed yesterday that Husni(picture), whom he had perceived to be rational and reasonable, was reported to have said: “Kalau orang Cina di Pulau Pinang buli kita, kita lawan balik orang Cina (If Penang Chinese bully us, we fight back the Chinese)” at Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce dinner last Friday.

In his speech at a GST conference today, Husni touched on the importance of national unity and shared personal experiences in the US and of his son.

He said that when he went to the US, he saw the US national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner” being played at nearly all functions and Americans of all races would stand up in a show of American solidarity.

“No matter what their race, they stand tall and stand together,” he said. “This is what our prime minister wants.”

He also said that he was very happy that his son shares his ice-cream with his friends of different races at school.

“I see how my son would eat some of his ice-cream and then pass the ice-cream to his Chinese and Indian friends,” said Husni. “He likes to mix and does not sit with only Malay friends. My son celebrates the different races and he will stand tall.”

“I went to a biotech conference once and was told this is the most suitable country to conduct clinical trials for drugs as we can test the drugs on different races and not just one race,” he added.

“Malays, Chinese and Indians constitute 40 per cent of the global population. You can see the potential of what God has given us. The prime minister says that we must not just tolerate each other but celebrate each other.”

The second finance minister did not give a press conference after his speech but sources close to the minister said that his remarks in Penang were likely to have been taken out of context.

Sources say that Husni, known to be a proponent of meritocracy and economic competitiveness from his previous speeches, was responding impatiently to complaints by the Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce that Malays were “being bullied” by DAP in Penang and he was telling them to respond by working harder and being more competitive.

They also say that the minister was not referring to the Chinese in general but to DAP.

Husni also touched on the need for Malaysians to embrace change due to the more competitive global environment and added that positions should be obtained based on merit and capabilities.

“We used to get batik from Malaysia and Indonesia but now we are getting silk batik from China for a low price,” he said. “We have to move up the economic value chain.”

Chinese will take over in the next election, warns Perkasa

March 8, 2010

A lot of racist remark recently in Malaysia. The weird thing is, the government is not doing anything about it. It seems like government is sanctioning racism. Means, racism is allowed and is part of Malaysia culture. Next time when Malaysia advertise Visit Malaysia, racism should be part of the advert.

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 — Malay nationalist group Perkasa warns that the Chinese community will use the next general election to take over the country.

Perkasa feels that the last general election weakened the Malays and empowered the Chinese community.

Dr Zubir Harun, director of Perkasa’ economic bureau, who was at the Malay Consultative Council’s (MPM) round-table discussion, said during his presentation that a divided Malay community will empower the other races.

According to delegates at the discussion and documents received by The Malaysian Insider, Perkasa wants the New Economic Policy (NEP) to be the “spirit” of the New Economic Model (NEM).

“Perkasa believes that disunity among the Malays has weakened Umno, causing the non-Malays to be more vocal in their demands. They say that the Chinese are also blackmailing the government to give in to their demands by threatening to vote for Pakatan Rakyat,” said one of the delegates.

Zubir also said that Perkasa is worried that the New Economic Model will have a Chinese agenda.

“The Chinese people feel that the next general election is the best opportunity for them to gain power in this country.

“This is why Chinese NGOs, such as Ziong Dong and Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce, are using this chance to make demands of the government. If their demands are not met, then they will vote Pakatan Rakyat who are willing to give everything to the Chinese,” he elaborated in his presentation.

Zubir added that the Malays have “sacrificed” for the country by allowing “the immigrants” to live in Malaysia.

“It must be reminded that the Malay people have sacrificed tremendously since independence with a quid pro quo policy…  the Malay race have compromised by allowing foreigners into the country. The Malays endured hundreds of years of colonization and the result is the migration of foreigners into the country. We were forced to accept this policy,” he said.

Zubir also slammed non-Malays and liberal Malays for wanting to rewrite the country’s Constitution and social contract.

Perkasa believes that the NEP is still relevant because it will help the Malay community to counter a market which is dominated by the Chinese.

The Malaysian Insider reported today that the government has decided to incorporate the proposed New Economic Model (NEM) into the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) in June, as fine-tuning and tweaks will go beyond its initial end-March launch.

It was learnt the delay came after feedback from various quarters prompted the government to rework its ideas and proposals that will turn Malaysia into a high-income nation based on innovation and creativity.

Among those with reservations about the NEM are the MPM which yesterday demanded it be based on the 1970s-era New Economic Policy (NEP) and should comply with Article 153 of the Federal Constitution that protect Malay and Bumiputera’s special position.

This guy said non-Malay should appreciate tolerance shown by Malay

March 8, 2010

This article basically said that non-Malay should not think about becoming a Malaysian Premier (Prime Minister).–ridhuan-tee

8 MAC — Sekali lagi isu bukan Melayu boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri (PM) dibangkitkan oleh beberapa sarjana Melayu Islam. Kesempatan dan peluang ini disebar luaskan oleh laman-laman web ultra kiasu dan mereka anti Islam.

Saya tidak pasti apakah muslihat serta maksud tersurat dan tersirat di sebalik membangkitkan perkara ini.

Kalaupun benar bukan Melayu boleh menjadi PM, tidak perlu dibangkitkan kerana ia sukar menjadi realiti, apatah lagi ia menyentuh sensitiviti bangsa pribumi ini.

Lagipun pada saya, orang kanan selepas Melayu adalah bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak, bukannya orang lain.

Kalaupun mereka layak, tidak seharusnya mereka menerima jawatan PM. Ini kerana masih ramai majoriti orang Islam yang layak dan lebih berhak di buminya sendiri.

Jangan pula bandingkan dengan Thailand, kerana bukan Siam di sana lebih Siam dari Siam. Saya tidak bertujuan untuk membela Melayu, tetapi saya cuba memahami psiki bangsa Melayu berbanding bangsa lain, setelah memahami psiki bangsa saya sendiri.

Tidakkah itu lebih baik kerana kita semua berada dalam komuniti majoriti masyarakat Melayu? Sebagai bukan Melayu, saya amat bersyukur berada di bumi bertuah ini.

Walaupun saya lahir selepas merdeka, tidak dapat melihat bagaimana kontrak sosial dipersetujui, namun saya amat bersyukur kerana nenek moyang saya diterima menjadi warganegara di bumi ini.

Nenek moyang saya diterima secara pukal tanpa sebarang syarat. Nenek moyang saya tidak dikenakan syarat sehingga boleh mengubah dan mengganggu-gugat cara hidup dan jati diri mereka. Mereka seperti seadanya sebagaimana asal, tanpa ada ubah suai walaupun sedikit. Mereka bebas berbahasa sendiri, hidup dalam kelompok sendiri, bersekolah sendiri, malah dapat mengaut kekayaan tanpa sekatan dan halangan, sehingga kekayaan melimpah ruah.

Sejarah sebegini tidak pernah berlaku di dunia Negara lain. Di negara lain, bukan sahaja mereka ditolak, malah akan dikenakan syarat-syarat yang ketat sebelum diterima menjadi warganegara. Paling ketara mereka akan diasimilasikan. Beruntung sungguh kita di sini. Inilah nikmat yang mesti disyukuri bukan dikufuri.

Tidak perlu saya kemukakan bukti, jeling-jelinglah negara-negara jiran seperti Thailand, Burma, Indonesia dan Filipina. Bilangan mereka yang diterima hanya di sekitar tiga – sepuluh peratus, selebihnya ditolak.

Berbanding negara kita, bukan pribumi melebihi 40 peratus. Pada masa sama, kekayaan yang dikuasai dan diperolehi melebihi 70 peratus sehingga menimbul keresahan kepada pribumi. Inilah bentuk toleransi yang tidak ada tolok bandingnya yang perlu disampaikan kepada generasi akan datang.

Menurut Amy Chua, seorang Profesor Cina berasal dari Filipina yang telah berhijrah ke Amerika Syarikat, toleransi bukan bermakna persamaan atau penghormatan, tetapi toleransi adalah memberikan peluang kepada orang yang berlainan cara hidup, bekerja, berpartisipasi dan berjaya dalam masyarakat tanpa melihat latar belakang etnik atau agama.

Walaupun Amy Chua ini telah berhijrah ke Amerika, pendapat beliau agak berpijak di bumi nyata, tidak ultra kiasu. Kita perlu ramai orang seperti ini. Toleransi bukan sama rata atau sama rasa.

Apa yang berlaku dahulu dan kini di negara kita bertepatan dengan apa yang dikatakan oleh Amy Chua. Orang Islam tidak pernah menghalang bukan Islam untuk hidup lebih berjaya dalam apa jua sektor pekerjaan dan berpartisipasi. Apatah lagi untuk campurtangan dalam hal-ehwal agama mereka, kecuali jika agama kita dicabar.

Selaku warga yang memahami sejarah, saya dapat merasakan betapa bertuahnya kita pada hari ini. Jika ditakdirkan, tidak berlaku penerimaan pribumi, apakah saya masih hidup hari ini? Sepanjang pembacaan saya, mereka yang telah keluar berhijrah, tidak akan diterima kembali, kecuali mempunyai bakat dan kebolehan yang luar biasa ataupun mungkin mereka yang belot dengan menjual rahsia kedaulatan negara atau menjual harta negara seperti membawa wang keluar negara atau menjual pasir ke negara jiran.

Justeru, adalah tidak menghairankan jika orang seperti Tan Siew Sin dan Sambanthan pernah mengeluarkan ucapan di sekitar tahun-tahun 1950an, yang amat menghargai toleransi yang telah ditunjukkan oleh pribumi.

Mereka benar-benar merasa bersyukur kerana diberi peluang dan diterima seadanya. Sejarah ini mesti difahami oleh setiap rakyat Malaysia tanpa ketinggalan. Jika tidak, mereka akan menjadi ultra kiasu. Menuntut sesuatu yang tidak seharusnya dituntut. Mengungkit sesuatu yang tidak perlu diungkit.

Ramai yang tertanya-tanya kenapa tidak ramai pribumi yang berjaya atau menguasai kekayaan di bumi sendiri? Fenomena pribumi tidak berjaya di bumi sendiri bukan fenomena baru. a berlaku di mana-mana, terutama di negara Asia Tenggara dan juga dunia lain yang sudi menerima kedatangan mereka yang berhijrah.

Kenyataan ini diakui oleh semua sarjana, kejayaan dan harta yang dimiliki oleh mereka yang berhijrah menenggelamkan kekayaan pribumi di bumi mereka sendiri, sehingga menimbulkan keresahan atau iri hati pribumi kepada mereka.

Namun, ramai sarjana tidak mengatakan punca-punca yang menyebabkan ia berlaku sedemikian rupa. Saya mempunyai jawapan mengenai perkara yang masih belum dijawab oleh sarjana-sarjana ini termasuk Amy Chua.

Pada saya, pribumi merasa selamat dan selesa di bumi mereka sendiri. Mereka bersangka baik terhadap rakan mereka yang datang berhijrah.

Mereka tidak dengki dengan kekayaan yang dimiliki walaupun hidup terpisah dalam kelompok sendiri mengikut cara hidup yang agak ekstrim.

Pribumi sudah bahagia dengan kehidupan ala kadar atau cukup makan, walaupun sikap ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku. Inilah sifat pribumi yang saya kenali.

Tidak tamak, bersyukur dengan apa yang ada. Jika kayapun, sekadar boleh hidup mewah bukannya untuk membina empayar. Sikap rendah diri, lembut, sopan santun menguasai diri. Itulah Melayu menurut sajak-sajak Lim Swee Tin, Usman Awang dan Muhammad Haji Salleh yang saya teliti.

Kefahaman dan latar belakang inilah menjadikan saya amat terharu dengan majlis perasmian pelancaran buku terbaru professor tersohor Syed Naguib Al-attas oleh Raja Nazrin Shah baru-baru ini.

Penghormatan Raja Nazrin terhadap ilmuan amat tinggi di luar jangkauan saya dengan sifat baginda sebagai anak raja. Teks ucapannya yang begitu menyanjung tinggi ilmuan begitu mengkagumkan dan baginda hampir sebak membacanya.

Ini tidak termasuk aksi penghormatan baginda terhadap ilmuan Syed Naguib ketika berada di pentas. Syed Naguib dipimpin dan diminta duduk ketika bangun untuk memberikan penghormatan kepada baginda.

Inilah sifat orang Melayu yang amat saya puji. Tidak bongkak, tetapi amat merendah diri, tanpa melihat darjat keturunan. Tetapi janganlah pula diambil kesempatan oleh orang lain pula.

Hari ini kita lihat seolah-olah kita mengambil kesempatan. Sikap pribumi yang sedemikian diambil peluang untuk menangguh di air yang keruh.

Benar, mereka tidak berapa pentingkan kekayaan kerana kekayaan tidak boleh dibawa ke mati. Hanya iman dan takwa nilaian Allah SWT.

Tetapi janganlah pula kita mengambil kesempatan dengan merosakkan mereka melalui rasuah, wanita, riba, wang dan sogokan lain terbentang di depan mata.

Janganlah kita ikuti atau meniru perangai Yahudi. Kenapa Yahudi begitu berjaya dan dapat membina empayar walaupun bukan di bumi sendiri?

Jawapannya mudah, Yahudi mengambil kesempatan di atas kelemahan atau sikap tolak ansur orang lain, terutama orang Islam. Ketika merempat, Yahudi berbuat baik dengan umat Islam di Palestin.

Namun, sedikit demi sedikit mereka khianat, untuk menguasai pribumi dan kekayaan buminya.

Antaranya ialah dengan memberikan pinjaman melalui sistem riba dan merasuah mereka. Bila pinjaman tidak berbayar, ditambah dengan faedah yang tinggi, maka tanah sebagai galang gantinya.

Tanah milik pribumi diambil seinci demi seinci. Lama-kelamaman, kini hampir seluruh bumi

pribumi Palestin terlepas ke tangan Yahudi. Bangsa yang dahulunya sehelai sepinggang, berjaya menjadikan pribumi berdagang atau merempat di bumi sendiri.

Perkara yang sama berlaku di Singapura. Singapura perlu membesar untuk membina kekuatan. Cara paling mudah untuk membesar ialah dengan membeli pasir daripada negara kita berbanding dengan Indonesia yang terlalu jauh dan kosnya amat tinggi.

Bagi memenuhi keperluan itu, mereka akan mencari orang Melayu melalui pengantara sekutu ultra kiasunya, di pejabat tanah yang mudah dirasuah dan mereka yang mudah belot, untuk mendapatkan dan membeli pasir.

Hasrat mereka sudah tercapai. Negara ini bukan sahaja sudah membesar berkali ganda, malah hari ini mereka mahu negara ini terus membesar berganda-ganda. Tidak hairan nanti akan bercantum dengan Pulau Batu Putih yang telah terlepas ke negara ultra kiasu ini.

Masihkah kita mahu duduk diam melihat maruah dan kedaulatan negara tergadai dan dipersenda? Rela menjual kedaulatan negara semata-mata untuk mendapatkan kekayaan yang sedikit. Manakala orang tengahnya mendapat kekayaan melimpah ruah.

Semakin membesar Singapura, semakin kuat ancamannya terhadap Negara kita. Tidak hairan suatu hari nanti mereka akan menguasai kita, jika kita terus leka dan lena dengan tipu daya mereka yang licik ini.

Apatah tanah-tanah berharga di negara kita sudah terlepas ke tangan mereka, termasuk sebuah pulau lagi yang masih tinggal kepada sekutu mereka. Masihkah kita mahu berdiam diri?

Terbaru, pihak gereja katholik mahukan majalah Al-Islam meminta maaf secara terbuka di atas, artikel berjudul “Masuk Gereja Cari Gadis Bertudung Murtad” melalui tinjauan mereka di dalam gereja.

Saya tidak nampak keperluan untuk meminta maaf terhadap mereka yang ada niat tersembunyi kepada kita yang terlalu bertoleransi. Kenapa kita mesti tunduk kepada ugutan mereka? Cukuplah dengan kita gagal untuk mempertahankan penggunaan kalimah Allah. Pihak gereja janganlah bertindak seperti kaduk naik junjung. Mereka ini tidak ubah seperti kumpulan ultra kiasu yang mana asyik mahu menang sahaja.

Apakah tindakan mereka melarikan dan memurtadkan orang Melayu seperti Azlina Jailani dan orang Islam yang lain itu tidak salah?

Tidakkah mereka sedar bahawa orang Melayu tidak boleh dimurtadkan mengikut perlembagaan perkara 11 dan 160 (2) yang berbunyi “Melayu adalah seseorang yang menganut Islam, lazim bercakap Melayu dan menurut adat Melayu”.

Pernah pihak gereja meminta maaf terhadap orang Melayu yang telah dimurtadkan yang amat nyata bertentangan dengan perlembagaan? Kenapa toleransi ini tidak dihargai?

Justeru, saya meminta mereka supaya menghargai toleransi ini. Janganlah mengambil kesempatan ketika orang lain lemah. Saya cukup bimbang jika kita terlalu mendesak, kesabaran Melayu akan tergugat.

Bila kesabaran telah hilang, saya bimbang bangsa yang saya kenali ini akan hilang pertimbangan. Hargai mereka. Kita tidak akan menyerang jika tidak diserang, tetapi kita tidak menyerang tanpa tentangan.  — Mingguan Malaysia

Leader of Racist Movement in Malaysia….

March 8, 2010

…is non other than Ibrahim Ali. His organisation is called Perkasa which champion Malay right.

Ibrahim Ali

Leader of Racist Organisation in Malaysia

Remember his face for our generation to come in Malaysia will despise such person. After Malaysia get rid of racism, this face and those related to him shall be imprisoned for stroking racism in Malaysia.

Latest news on him:

Ibrahim Ali: Market economy a threat to Malays

Pugnacious Perkasa chairman Ibrahim Ali came out fighting, arguing that he is battling against the encroachment of Malay economic rights which is a danger to their welfare, amidst the impending liberalisation of the economy in Premier Najib Abdul Razak’s soon to be announced New Economic Model.